About Matt's BBQ Pits, LLC

Matt's BBQ Pits, LLC is a single owned and family operated company designing and manufacturing backyard and commercial cooking equipment. I am Matt with Matt's BBQ Pits and I have 10 years of barbecue pit manufacturing experience. Matt's BBQ Pits, LLC manufactures Premium Brand smokers. Before I decided to build my own I never saw a barbecue pit on the market that met my needs. Usually they were too thin and not built very well. I like a good amount of prep shelf space to set my things down. I like a thick built pit to hold in the heat and last for many years. 10 years ago I started building pits in my garage. Now I have a business manufacturing hundreds of smokers each year. I try to listen to my customer's needs as well as my own so that helped me design a line of smokers in demand. A premium brand smoker is different from a basic or generic brand. A premium brand smoker will have thicker steel, more helpful features, hand crafted to fit the lids and trim down flush, and better design/flow characteristics/operation to help you have a more enjoyable and successful cook for years to come. We build standard models and custom pits.

We sell and ship smokers all over the United States and Abroad!

I put in many years of research and development to help my customers get a more enjoyable cooking experience with their smoker. We build our smokers with thicker fireboxes than you will see at the stores. We use square shaped 3/8 plate fireboxes on our premium line with an insulating heat deflector top to hold the heat in the unit and give you less paint maintenance. Although round fireboxes work just fine, square fireboxes are a major benefit to a cook over round. You can load more wood in a square firebox at a time and let it cook while you mow the lawn or spend more time with your family. Square fireboxes have more head space between the flame and the top of the firebox and mechanically enable us to install heat shield insulators on the top to provide better heat transfer to the main cook chamber while reducing wood consumption and paint maintenance. We build 2" thick all insulated fireboxes on 24" diameter smokers and up. On our insulated fireboxes we use 3/8 plate on the inside, a 1" layer of ceramic 2400 degree insulation in between, and a 3/16 decorative layer as a cover. Insulated fireboxes reduce wood consumption, burn cleaner, and require less paint maintenance than a plate firebox. The insulated firebox is a great option for large backyard and trailer pits to maximize your investment. But a 2" thick insulated firebox would take up too much space inside the firebox on a 20" diameter smoker. The drawback to an insulated firebox is the design doesn't lend itself to allowing a grilling lid on top.